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The Next Generation Cryptocurrency Is Here! - Secure Payments..., - Easy To Use..., - Easy To Accept Payments..., - Low Transaction Fees..., - Transferable At Any Time..., - Bankta Cryptocurrency!
  • Private Sale begins on December 7, 2018!
  • Corporate structure in Nevis is complete.
  • White Paper is now available on the ICO site.

Finally a Secure Cryptocurrency that you can trust!

  • 1 Coin = 1 USD
  • Secure Payments
  • Easy To Use
  • Easy To Accept Payments
  • Simple Escrow Service
  • Low Transaction Fees
  • Transferable At Any Time!
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Bankta Cryptocurrency

  • The safety and security of the US dollar!
  • The flexibility and anonymity of cryptocurrency!
  • The ease of an online payment system!

Why Choose Bankta?


Because our customers security is important to us, Bankta uses 256-bit AES bank grade security. Since Bankta currency is centralized, your account is more secure. The Bankta leadership is resolved to make our customers security our first priority.


Why would you deal in a cryptocurrency that is based on nothing but what the next crypto coin buyer is willing to pay? Bankta cryptocurrency is based on US currency. It is safe, secure and a sure thing… Convert your Bankta currency and transfer to your bank at anytime!


Using your Bankta cryptocurrency is easy. Since it is based on the US dollar, you always know how much it is worth. You can transfer Bankta coins to make purchases or even back to US dollars at any time and have it sent to any bank account of your choice.

Bankta Escrow Service
Bankta Escrow Service

Bankta has provided its customers with an escrow function. This is perfect when dealing with online purchases that carry risk such as eBay purchases or even Craigslist. You can set milestones and pay when the purchase or transaction is completed to your satisfaction.

The Convenience Of Using Bankta

  • Using Bankta coins is easy and free. Even better, your transactions are anonymous, secure and safe.
  • Why would you spend your hard earned money buying a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin or Litecoin when its value could drop to zero and you could lose everything? These crypto coins are only worth whatever the next buyer feels it is worth. Bankta coins are always worth the equivalent amount of US currency!
  • Bankta coins are asset-based coins. With Bankta, your crypto coin are backed by the security and good faith of the United States government. Every Bankta coin is worth $1.00 and is convertible and transferable at anytime.
  • Bankta offers escrow functions for transactions like eBay auctions, retainers, deposits, Craigslist purchases or any other high risk purchases. You can setup phased payments for services or project milestones.

Benefits of Accepting Bankta?

  • With many payment processors charging 2.9% and up to $0.35 per transaction, isn’t it time to find a better payment solution? With your fees are only 1.0% and $0.10 per transaction.
  • Bankta coins are secure. Every Bankta coin is equal to one US Dollar. You can exchange your Bankta coins at any time for US Dollars and have them transferred to your bank account.
  • By accepting Bankta coins as payment, you open your services and goods to even more customers… at no risk to you!
  • It’s easy to start accepting Bankta… Just open an account and download and install an API and you are all set!

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